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Der er en mening med de resultater jeg skriver på denne side for pharaoh hound og basenji, da mange af dem, der nævnes er afkom af mit opdræt hvilket gør mig meget stolt
There is a reason I write the results for pharaoh hounds and basenjis, as many of them are progeny from my breeding, which makes me very proud

4. Feruary 2018
National Dog Show, Valga Spordihoone, Estonia (2)

3. Feruary 2018
National Dog Show, Valga Spordihoone, Estonia (1)
Breed. & Group judge Jochen Eberhardt, Germany - BIS judge Shyam Mehta, India
Pahareti Wizard of Oz - Best of Breed, Best in Group & BIS 2
(Farlanders Against All Storms x Bulldobas Zarah Safeguard and progeny from our Fallohide Candu's Blacque Legacy)

International Dog Show, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Breed Judge Liliane De Ridder Onghena

Faraoland on a Bed of Roses - Best of Breed

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Upcoming World Dog shows and  Euro Dog Shows

Worlddogshow the Netherlands - 9.-11. August 2018
Judge for basenjis Mr Sven Løvenkjær, Denmark

 European Dogshow  Poland 11. - 14. October

Worlddogshow, Shanghai , China 1.- 3.- May 2019

 European Dogshow Austria

Worlddogshow Madrid, Spain
- 23- 26. April

European Dogshow - Slovenia

European Dogshow - Budapest, Hungary

Worlddogshow Brazil

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s Knjazheskogo Dvora  oversat fra with the Princely (Royal)  Court

 s Polyarnogo Sozvezdiya oversat from the polar constellation


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