Handknitted puppy sweaters
Basenjis are born when it is cold and they need something
to keep them warm, so I knit sweaters for the little ones, - mind you often the sweaters are too big, but the
puppies soon grow into the sweaters

Puppy sweater in dark grey with a little white around the neck - note good for a male puppy

Same type of knitting as the grey puppy sweaters underneath, only with a little black around the neck - she still needs
to grow into the sweater, but won't be long - This puppy lives in Norway -

Puppy sweater with new pattern which fits better - This puppy lives in Sweden

Basenji puppy sweaters for a litter in Norway - the basenji at right (import from Norway to Sweden) can still as an adult
fit her sweater - mind you, she is a rather petite girl -
click on the photo to go to her website 

Basenji puppy sweaters for litter brothers in Sweden - the boy at right looks a bit concerned, but
this has changed -
click on his photo to go to his website

3 different colored sweaters for lhasa apso puppies (now adults) -
go to their website by clicking on the photo

 Walther wore his green sweater with a
W on the back with pride, even though it does not show on this photo, but it is the
only one I have, as Walther died last Year, much to my great sorrow ...
click on the photo to go to his website

This is Walther's mum, Asta wearing one of her puppy sweaters
click on the photo to go to her website

Third generation - this is Mickey, Asta's dad and Walther's granddad in his puppysweater
I thought the colors complimented his brindle color
Click on his photo to go to his website

Would you like a sweater for your dog, please send me meassurements of the surrounding of your dog´s neck, chest and waistline, as well as length from base of neck to base of tail. 
The sweaters can be machine washed on cool setting, hang to dry or drier on low heat

Kunne du tænke dig en trøje til din hund, så send mig målene på omkredsen af din hunds hals,  brystkasse og talje, samt længde fra hals til halerod
Trøjerne kan maskinvaskes på 30 grader, hænges til tørre, eller i tørretumbler på lav varme

 Email me for a quote for a sweater 
Send mig en mail ang priser for en trøje til din hund

Med venlig hilsen/regards, Pia 

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